A reference model for a service-oriented government

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The much-debated topic of New Government requires governmental innovation and reform. The challenges are abound. Some examples: do more with fewer people, provide transparency, respond faster to new legislation and regulations (time to market).

To be able to work in a results-oriented and customer-focused manner. Deliver measurable services. Offer more and more services online. To put the citizen service number to best possible use. Manage file handling with often distributed entry of data, and yet to have consistent, reliable management information available. To say nothing of the integration of chain partners within government and the ability to extract politico-governmental information from such a chain quickly.

In order to make a clear response to all these issues, the government needs useful tools. Tools that make it possible to build the new government edifice of the future, step by step and in a targeted fashion. What is most important is that close cooperation and optimum knowledge transfer between government and the corporate sector is crucial if this process is to succeed.