A secure start in cloud computing

| Point of View

Smartly manage the security risks of cloud computing services.

These days everybody is talking about cloud computing. This is hardly a surprise: it’s cheap, fast, powerful and flexible. No need to buy expensive software: you just log on to ‘the Cloud’ and get to work. You use only what you need, and you pay only for what you use. Cloud computing’s self-service nature means little or no installation or implementation costs. The business case seems clear and examples are everywhere: Google Docs, Windows Live, SAP Webcast, Amazon Web Services. ‘Enter the Cloud’ is a new paradigm for business and it is getting a lot of attention.

But many worry about the safety of the services that cloud computing provides. Again, no surprise: everything you do in the Cloud happens ‘out there on the Internet’, and that gives cause for concern. This white paper discusses the number one concern: security. Number one question: can sensitive information stay safe if it is hosted and processed by a third party? Many think it cannot. But this reproach is unjustified, and often incorrect: cloud services, if properly approached, can operate with more safety and security than most conventional IT services. But we cannot stress enough, the importance of applying the proper approach.