Agile development – the way we see it

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Agile development – the way we see it

The world is changing at an ever increasing pace. Businesses demand faster return on investments and faster delivery of business value through IT solutions. To be able to respond to these business demands, agility is required from IT suppliers. Agile software development methods have proven to deliver to these demands. These methods facilitate faster delivery of working software, responding to changing business requirements and close collaboration between business and IT. The use of agile software development methods results in increased productivity, better quality, and higher customer satisfaction.

Agility is incorporated in Capgemini’s culture through the Collaborative Business Experience™1- collaborating with our clients to achieve better, faster, and more sustainable results. Our agile culture has led us to apply agile techniques since their emergence in the mid-90’s. We have consolidated our experiences in best practices that we apply in all the projects that we deliver. We understand the challenges that our clients face in an agile environment, and we use our experience with Agile to enable them overcome these challenges.

Capgemini delivers added value throughout the lifetime of your application - our services ranging from building new applications to replacing legacy applications and adding value to existing applications. With a rich experience in agile software delivery, Capgemini can help organizations to become more agile - through guiding transformation processes, coaching, and/or training.

Capgemini’s unique Rightshore® delivery model enables us to reduce costs of our projects by executing the work where and when it can be done most effectively, leveraging our expertise around the globe.

The combination of our front-runner role, unique services, and company values makes us an attractive partner of choice for achieving agility.