ALM In Concert

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Integrated Application Lifecycle Management to achieve the strategic goals of the organization

Successful organizations effectively align their forces in order to deal with our increasingly changeable and complex world. This includes ensuring that IT service providers make an active contribution by increasing reliability and agility while lowering cost. Therefore, IT organizations not only have to change their way of thinking and working, but also migrate the IT landscape to support a continuously changing business organization.

This change can only be achieved by a close collaboration between business and IT. While IT has to align to the organizational objectives and create an integrated approach, the business organization must develop a better understanding of IT and develop capabilities to fulfill their side of the bargain.

ALM In Concert is Capgemini’s holistic and evolutionary approach to create focused, cheaper, better and/or new business, depending on the strategic goals of the organization. It is a comprehensive and integrated process of managing the entire lifecycle of applications – both, from the IT and the business perspective.