ATOC Drives Revenue for UK Rail Industry

| Succesverhaal

Successful collaboration between Capgemini, HP and IBM together with almost 40 other stakeholders, delivers modern reservations system for fastest growing rail industry in Europe.

“ With Capgemini’s help, Britain now has the most advanced and sophisticated rail reservation service in the world. It gives customers real benefits by enabling them to travel exactly how and when they want, and helping train operators to provide services that passengers want. The new service is a significant further step towards the achievement of world-class standards on Britain’s railways, and a vital response to the ever-increasing popularity of travel by train in the UK. ”Henri Bekenkamp, Antony Lain, Chief Executive, ATOC – Rail Settlement Plan

The Situation

The Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) in the UK wanted a new National Reservations Service (NRS) to deliver enhanced levels of service to customers and operational benefits to Britain’s 26 Train Operating Companies.

The Solution

Together with Capgemini, ATOC was able to deploy a state of the art reservation system based on innovative technology, within a complex stakeholder and supplier framework.

The Result

In the first three months of operation, NRS had already exceeded its 99.5% availability target. On average, over 150,000 seats are booked daily on UK trains.

In excess of 120 transactions are handled every second with a capacity of 700. NRS can handle over 1.5 billion transactions every year. Not including the Internet, the system supports about 3,000 end users and over 1,600 output devices.

“Capgemini’s collaborative approach was a strong factor in achieving the demanding deadlines we set, and one that clearly differentiated them from other potential suppliers. Effective stakeholder management was key to delivery success, and there can be no doubt that Capgemini’s collaborative approach was an important contributor to this.”

“Collaboration was essential given the complexity of the stakeholder map. We simply couldn’t have achieved what we have any other way.”
- Steve Pickman, Head of Programme Delivery, ATOC – Rail Settlement Plan