Bringing the Future into Focus: Towards an Integrated Digital Content Proposition

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Telecom and broadband providers are warmly embracing digital entertainment as a way to drive new revenues on the networks they’ve invested heavily in to upgrade.

In contrast, large retailers see physical sales of DVDs, CDs and books as a stagnating set of major revenue streams and are struggling to understand how to marry this with a new suite of digital offerings.

Both cases show the intensity of the changes, opportunities and challenges faced in the content distribution value
chain. All players from production to distribution—and sometimes also the end-user—are seeking to develop new ways of acquiring, packaging and consuming digital media content such as music, video and games. In this context, the keys to success are not easy to find.

For this reason, and to support businesses in their challenge to identify new routes and launch innovative offerings,  Capgemini completed an extensive survey on digital media delivery in the US and Europe.