Capgemini Consulting enables digitizing of HEMA’s HR transactions processing

| Succesverhaal

Less paperwork, lower costs and more focus on running a proper store.

The situation

Like many large retail organizations, HEMA Netherlands faces thousands of HR transactions per year. This requires a large overhead for its processing. HEMA asked Capgemini Consulting to analyze the current process, and assist in making it lean and cost-efficient.

The solution

During its analysis, Capgemini Consulting quickly identified the benefits of replacing HEMA’s existing paper-and-mail-based process for HR transactions, with a digital counterpart. Manager Self-Service was enabled by making use of the newest available SAP technologies, such as SAP portal and Adobe Forms. This solution has enabled store managers and other personnel to process HR transactions through digital forms directly from any computer, negating the need for a central HR administrator.

The result

The project has brought about noteworthy improvements such as:

  • a dramatic shortening of the processing time for all HR transactions;
  • a significant decrease in number of errors during the processing of HR transactions;
  • a considerable increase in user satisfaction.

Through these improvements, HEMA was able to significantly reduce the workload for its central HR administration. At the same time, store managers can now spend less time on paperwork, and focus more on running a proper store.