Service-Oriented Architecture Positions the CJIB for the Future

| Succesverhaal

Capgemini’s Integrated Architecture Framework used to deploy Oracle E-Business Suite accelerated by BPEL Process Manager.

“ Thanks to the knowledge and experience of Capgemini, in combination with its IAF methodology, we jointly shaped our SOA ideas. Of absolute crucial importance for the project’s feasibility is that Capgemini’s architects have the skills and courage to be pragmatic! ”Jan van Dijk, CIO, Centraal Justitieel Incasso Bureau

The Situation
The Centraal Justitieel Incasso Bureau (CJIB) is an independent implementation authority operating under the Dutch Ministry of Justice responsible for administering, collecting and coordinating fines and sanctions levied by the Dutch judicial system. In an environment of changing laws and the CJIB’s ever-expanding range of responsibilities, the CIJB needs a reliable, efficient and, most importantly, flexible IT system that can effectively manage the execution of fines and sanctions.

The Solution
The CJIB has to handle a complex combination of tasks and collection methods. It therefore chose to adopt a service-oriented architecture (SOA) based on the Oracle E-business Suite (eBS). BPEL Process Manager, also by Oracle, is part of this solution. This architecture allows the reuse of standard components within the executions of different fines and sanctions by the CJIB. Designing and changing processes will be dramatically simplified and require less programming.

The Result
Capgemini supported the CJIB in developing a blueprint of the Program NoorderWint to implement the future SOA architecture. As a method, Capgemini used its own Integrated Architecture Framework (IAF). After completing the implementation, the CJIB will have a reliable, flexible and future-proof system landscape.