Cloud Computing for the Enterprise

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A paradigm shift for the role of IT in the Enterprise: Capgemini partners with Amazon Web Services.

In 2008 Capgemini formally announced its groundbreaking parternship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and in doing so, became the first major professional services provider to bring AWS to the Outsourcing business.

This two-page fact sheet provides an introduction to how Cloud Computing can help:

  • Accelerate speed to value on IT investment
  • Increase flexibility
  • Deliver cost reductions
  • Help avoid CapEx
  • Improve green IT credentials

Download this fact sheet to find out more about what Capgemini and Cloud Computing can do for your business.

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An Early View of Cloud Computing (white paper)

This Capgemini white paper serves as an ideal starting point for those wishing to learn about Cloud Computing and what the implications are for how IT is sourced, operated and paid for.

Cloud Isn’t the Answer to Every Question (white paper)

Two years on from the announcement of Capgemini’s partnership with Amazon Web Services, this paper examines how cloud computing (or cloud services) has reached a level of maturity and robustness where it can be considered as a direct replacement for current platforms.

Outsourcing Services Cloud Computing Overview