Customer back on top of the supply chain agenda in 2010

| Point of View

From financial crisis to recovery: does the financial crisis still dictate supply chain agendas?

Over a year after the start of the global financial crisis, the customer is back on top of the supply chain agenda for 2010. Over 58% percent of the supply chain managers surveyed say their main business driver for 2010 is ‘Meeting (changing) customer requirements’. The economic downturn is no longer the most important business driver and is now surpassed by economic recovery in the list of top business drivers for 2010. Projects focusing on the improvement of customer service and supply chain processes are high on the agenda for 2010. With a 16 % increase, sustainability is the second most important business driver for 2010. However this has not yet directly translated into a significant increase in supply chain sustainability projects. These are the results of Capgemini Consulting’s international study of 300 leading companies. The study reflects the most important factors that influence the supply chain agenda in 2010 and compares this with the results of the 2009 study.