Enterprise Architecture

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Creating Value by Informed Governance

As an introductory book, this book aims to explore the concept of enterprise architecture. At first glance, writing such an introductory book might seem as a straight forward task of setting up a structure and filling in “the blanks.” However, writing this book turned out to be a pleasant journey of discovery.

Based on our past experiences, each of us had a clear understanding of enterprise architecture, based on several years of experience and insight in the field. However, when we started writing this book, and each of us exposed our individual understandings, it became apparent that our understanding of the field differed in several ways.

This prompted several discussions leading to an abundance of new insights. Without exception, these discussions took place in a pleasant and open atmosphere, fueled by our shared drive for understanding and increased insight.We are now evenmore convinced than before, that the field enterprise architecture is a true multi-disciplinary profession.

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