Exploring Normalized Systems Potential for Dutch MoDs Agility

| Point of View

Both the Command and Control Support Centre (C2SC) of the Dutch Ministry of Defense, and Capgemini are constantly exploring better ways of building and maintaining information systems which effectively support strategy and operations of an enterprise.

In a Proof of Concept conducted in March and April 2011, together with University of Antwerp, they evaluated the possibilities of the Normalized Systems approach for building information systems. In 50 man days not only a system was built that would normally be built in 100-150 man days, also a major technology change had taken place (in week 2 Cocoon and EJB2 were replaced by Struts and EJB3) and changes in the (data) models were instantly processed, even in the last week of development. With these results, Normalized Systems is considered a key enabler in rapid enterprise transformation. Moreover, because Normalized Systems makes it possible to have a continuous link from enterprise (process) modeling to software development and a short feedback loop from system development back to enterprise modeling, it is also considered a key enabler for agile enterprise engineering. This will also enable shortening the typical cycles of enterprise governance.