Future Consumer

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How shopper needs and behaviour will impact tomorrow’s value chain.

Our world is changing, consumers are changing. And the speed of change is rapidly accelerating. Consumer behaviour will be a primary factor in determining which direction this change will take.

Capgemini’s “Future Consumer” study explores how trends such as health and wellness, sustainability and other environmental issues, the growth of online shopping and the use of new/emerging technologies will impact the way consumers buy, receive, and use products and services in the future.

This new report presents the results of Capgemini’s “Future Consumer” research. This study was designed to test some of the main hypotheses stemming from the “2016” report, including:

  • Health and wellness will be key factors influencing consumer behaviour.
  • Consumers will increasingly consider sustainability aspects in their buying decisions.
  • Consumers will become smarter in using new technologies.
  • Consumers will expect to enter a true dialogue with companies, and will be willing to provide relevant information.
  • Consumers increasingly will value personalisation.
  • Physical stores will remain important, but the online channel will grow rapidly.
  • Consumers will increasingly demand the option of home delivery.

The objective of the “Future Consumer” research was to gain a better perspective on consumer needs and behaviour over the coming years across eight product categories:

  • Perishable food and beverages
  • Non-perishable food and beverages
  • Health and personal care
  • Do-it-yourself (DIY)
  • Electronics and appliances
  • Fashion and apparel
  • Sporting goods
  • Books and music