On the road to further growth

| Succesverhaal

Global Automotive Company transformed its global logistics operations to better. A prime player in the automotive industry, restructured for the future.

The situation
A global automotive company had just witnessed a period of strong growth, and more expansion was expected. Its business was going to need restructuring to accommodate.

The solution
Capgemini and the company focused  on increasing internal efficiency in the logistics operations. Business processes were to be optimised, centralised and given a global orientation to replace its regional make-up. This gradual, but fundamental shift was carried out as a series of projects, over
the course of little less than two years.

The result
The global automotive company succeeded in reducing internal costs by double-digit percentages. It managed to transform from a regionally oriented, to a product driven company, and re-engineered some of the company’s core business processes. The company underwent a considerable transformation during the program and is now ready for the expansions that await.