Global CIO Survey 2008 - Innovator vs Operator

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The Role of the IT Function in Business Innovation

In today’s business world, innovation is inseparable from technology. Individuals are moving ahead of organisations in their ability to exploit new information and communication technologies and are increasingly able to create business value with minimal support. This fast-changing relationship between business and technology creates a major new opportunity for today’s CIO to build an IT function that delivers more value than ever before. However, we believe that the opportunity will not just ‘arrive’ but will require carefully thought through actions to become reality.

The purpose of this survey is to explore the views of CIOs across the globe on how this increased access to new technologies and information is changing their role, and the role of their IT function. Among the issues addressed are:

  • Why is it that the IT function is so rarely seen as a driver of innovation?
  • What is the appropriate balance of focus between innovation and operational efficiency?
  • How can a CIO create the space and culture to foster innovation?
  • What is the “right” role and strategy for the CIO and IT function in the future?

As well as reporting and commenting on the findings of the survey, this report proposes strategies that CIOs may wish to adopt to work more effectively with the rest of the organisation and enable business innovation.

The survey, the latest in a series of international CIO surveys undertaken by Capgemini Consulting1, is based on one-to-one interviews with nearly 400 CIOs across the world, representing all industry sectors. We thank all the CIOs who participated in this year’s study for sharing their opinions with us, and hope that this publication stimulates thoughtful discussion.

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