Global Supply Chain Planning Study 2009

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Orchestrate Your Supply Chain by Taking Planning to the Next Level

In the current deteriorating global economic conditions, the pressure on the supply chain has only increased. Operating in an environment driven by unprecedented global competition, rapidly changing consumer preferences leading to increased volatility, variability and service requirements, globalization of sourcing and often dealing with a lack of visibility, the supply chain function is now more than ever heavily challenged to seek cost reductions.

By surveying supply chain executives from across the globe, this study aims to capture the latest thinking and perceptions regarding the current and future trends, challenges and
opportunities for Supply Chain Management (SCM), especially from a planning perspective. The study uncovered a number of key findings:

  • Supply Chain Planning is not yet universally seen as a strategic, critical decisionmaking activity
  • Only a few of the participating executives classify their organizations as innovators or bestin-class
  • Accomplishing end-to-end supply chain integration (internally and externally) still seems to be a dream
  • Sophisticated and fully integrated tools are not widely adopted
  • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is widely adopted but the effectiveness of the process is limited.
  • Most organizations do not factor in many of the risks associated with the dynamic environment in which they operate
  • Over half the participants mentioned that their competitors might consider or already are outsourcing some planning processes