Go e-Commerce “2.x” now!

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You can no longer afford to ignore your customers’ online demand, and your business ís changing!

Driven by social-, ICT-, and business developments, NOW is the moment to offer your differentiating services to your customers, through the internet. The online market has matured rather quickly; buying online has become a recognized channel, offering specific advantages that draw a rapidly growing worldwide audience. Customers are much more dynamic than before and expect all your services online 24*7. And they talk back!

But how to offer your services right? What to do with User Generated Content? What to avoid? What are the real business benefits and possibilities? How to do the Marketing? How to keep your business’focus? What ICT choices will you make? You think e-Commerce is for Business to Consumer only?

In this whitepaper we give you the opportunity to update your knowledge of doing business online. Several customer cases, business developments and Technology advances are discussed, building insight in today’s possibilities and creating a ‘maturity model of doing business online’, with a call to action based on a coherent set of steps.All in all, a lot of reasons why even strong B2B-brands must bring their portfolio of services online!

First we elaborate on the reason why you should not wait any longer to “go virtual” (chapter 2) then we offer you insights to catch up on current market- and technology conditions and the maturity stages organizations grow through in chapters 3 – 6) and we conclude with the suggested way to proceed safely and surely (chapter 8).

In this whitepaper Mr. Riedijk builds on the journey about technology advances ([Riedijk, 2005] and builds the bridge to business application of technology, the impact on your business model, specifically in the e-commerce/ web 2.0 space.