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Integrating three health insurance companies and implementing the new Dutch public health care system at the same time.


In 2006 the Dutch government initiated the idea to introduce the ‘Basisverzekering’ for all its inhabitants by January 2006. This ‘Basisverzekering’ replaced the public & private insurance by means of a basic insurance policy which could be broadened through complementary insurance policies.

Although the actual implementation of the government plans were not certain at the time, insurers had to gear up in order to get their processes/ICT and organization ready to deal with this ‘Basisverzekering’.

Our customer was the holding company of five health insurers at 5 locations that together currently cover some 2 million policyholders in the Netherlands.

The company so far had allowed its 5 subsidiaries to remain independent over the past years but now wanted to use the momentum of the ‘Basisverzekering’ to integrate the different health insurers into one aligned organization.


Intensive 9 weeks Phase One project (‘Scope’ method), in close collaboration with the client through the use of joint teams, aimed at retrieving the input from the five subsidiaries.

The project is set-up in 3 main work streams: Front Office, Back Office, ICT.

Phase 2 implemented the integration strategy and converted the insurance companies to the new health care system.


In Phase 1 we delivered a business and ICT vision, a business case and a company-wide supported selection of a single ICT system as well as the transformation plan needed to achieve full integration of Operations.

In Phase 2 we led the realisation of the transformation plan.

Recurring annual benefits approx € 10m as a result of reduction of personnel and ICT costs.