Hengelo Municipality Smart scanning software for invoice department

| Succesverhaal

An obsolete financial administration suite, with no support license. What a world of difference compared to the newly installed system, which scans and recognizes invoices automatically.

I consider their ability to put themselves in our shoes as their number one success. Jan Wieffer,IT project leader financial systems, Hengelo Municipality


The software that Hengelo Municipal government had been using for invoice processing was badly in need of an upgrade. Malfunctions had started occurring and the suite’s support license had expired. Hengelo’s supplier, Kofax, suggested calling in Capgemini. Capgemini in turn recognized Kofax’s Transformation Modules as the ideal option: a smart, self-teaching system that doesn’t just scan new invoices; it also recognizes old ones.


The Kofax Transformation Module is almost like a robot, with a recognition average of 80 to 90 percent. It requires less and less manual operations and fewer checkups as it gains experience. Capgemini took on the entire customization and implementation process up to an extensive work instruction for Hengelo Municipality’s user group.


A fully functional environment, delivered within budget and fully embraced by its user group. The finance function has never had less data entry to carry out. Data entered once before is now recognised automatically. Payments within the organization have never processed faster, or with as few errors. Suppliers find their invoices paid sooner than ever before. The system is an important step towards a fully electronic billing process. Gone are days of notes, files and invoices strewn around and getting lost for Hengelo Municipality.