How to implement Lean successfully and deliver results that last

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BeLean™ - A people-centred approach to implementing Lean is helping Capgemini clients achieve sustainable results: a 20% improvement in productivity is within your grasp.

BeLean™ helps organisation to achieve sustainable results (whether financial, operational or cultural) through changing the behaviours across the whole organisation’s workforce. Engaging with Capgemini Consulting gives you access to our best-in-class methodology to ensure that your organisation reaps the success it needs.

As budgets become tighter, organisations are under heavy pressure to become more customer-focused and at the same time leaner. There’s no better time for us and our clients to explore Lean, a methodology for achieving excellence in customer service.

Lean works to eliminate waste and optimise the flow of customer value through the workplace. At last, employees on the front line have the motivation, tools and freedom to make major improvements to their daily work. They feel ownership and a sense of contribution. Managers stop micro-measuring performance and look instead at the bigger picture. They work to improve the end-to-end process and to address the wider organisational issues that currently prevent the teams from continuously improving.

Lean has already proliferated to many of our clients and competitors – not always successfully - so how can Capgemini differentiate itself? The answer is that for Capgemini, Lean is not just about tools, techniques and training – it’s about achieving direct results through behavioural change.

Lean is a neat fit for Capgemini values: its emphasis on collaboration is a particularly strong point of commonality.

Because it focuses on people and behaviours, we call our approach BeLean™. It delivers:

  • Sustainable results: We help organisations to achieve lasting results that can be financial, operational, or cultural - often all of these. BeLean™ is always about results.
  • Behavioural change: We achieve sustainability by bringing about behavioural change which ensures Lean is fully supported by the organisation’s workforce.
  • A holistic approach: We work with clients across their processes, organisation and people to make sure all critical areas are addressed. Remember – Lean is not just about process and tools!
  • A progressive roadmap: Major transformations require a clear roadmap. A progressive, multi-level approach works best, building from solid foundations to guarantee future excellence.
  • A best-in-class methodology: We have a detailed and proven approach that can be shaped for any situation and deployed with confidence

As evidence of the power of BeLean™ , Capgemini Consulting is currently leading the largest Lean programme in the history of consulting with a large government department. Our approach has achieved truly transformational change in a complex and challenging environment. BeLean™ is making a real difference to real people, right now.