Large electrical utility achieves cost savings and positions itself for future expansion, growth

| Succesverhaal

Capgemini provides a roadmap to modernize the infrastructure for the largest electrical utility in a
key US State.

The situation

Capgemini’s client is the largest electrical utility in a major US State, which consists of over 5,000 miles of transmission lines in the electrical grid system that delivers power to one million citizens in its territory. The utility was working with a ten-yearold infrastructure focused around an SAP environment and faced significant infrastructure challenges. It sought to modernize not only its equipment, but also the business surrounding the ERP SAP system to set up an efficient company for the future. Seeing that they needed help to provide a roadmap for an innovative technology solution, the utility turned to Capgemini.

The solution

Capgemini conducted an independent hardware assessment to assess the best way to run SAP effectively within a Service Oriented Infrastructure (SOI) solution. It was established that a highly virtualized environment was required, with a strategic service bus to handle messaging for the entire environment. Capgemini undertook the assessment and provided a roadmap of steps for the client to implement over a 12-month period. The roadmap included not only detailed action plans for modernizing its SAP infrastructure, but throughout the client’s entire infrastructure, including external facing portals. Finally, Capgemini also identified a clear direction as to how to migrate the systems in both serial and parallel, to resourcefully establish the SOI environment.

The result

The utility enacted a project to transform from a server-by-server set-up to a virtualized environment, improving efficiency and turning around technology requests in a matter of days rather than months. The new model incorporates leading practices and allows for easier data management and accessibility. The organization is also now positioned to leverage cloud computing due to its modern SOI environment. It has demonstrated the success of implementing innovative technology to its shareholders via quarterly reports - stating that its IT costs have reduced from 12% down to 6% within one year. The client is now positioned for future expansion, growth and agility - achievements made possible by their close collaboration with Capgemini in conducting this assessment.