Mashup Corporations: The End of Business as Usual

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A chronicle of service-oriented business transformation

Mashup Corporations: The End of Business As Usual tells the story of fictional appliance maker Vorpal Inc. and its pursuit of creative sales methods for its popcorn poppers. Marketing manager Hugo Wunderkind has identified a new channel and willing market for a personalized popper. CEO Jane Moneymaker recognizes a winner, but how can she persuade CIO Josh Lovecraft to adapt his processes?

Over the ensuing months Vorpal goes on a mashup-fuelled journey from popcorn popper manufacturer to Service-Oriented Enterprise, with new markets and new revenue streams. On the way the company understands and embraces the changing nature of its relationships with customers, suppliers, IT departments and its own employees.

Mashup Corporations jumps deftly from its fictional setting to the real world and provides specific guidance in the form of rules that are analyzed and supported with examples. This book is a cultural, rather than technical, guide to Service-Oriented Architectures and Web 2.0 technologies.

This is an excerpt of the book; for more information and to purchase a copy, visit the Mashup Corporations website.