SAP for Retail: the solution for Maxeda DIY Group

| Succesverhaal

Maxeda DIY Group successfully implemented SAP FiCo and SAP for Retail at Praxis

“ The consultants of Capgemini were able to realise the set goals in time and have done a terrific job in streamlining the organisation. ”Hans van de Wurff, CFO, Praxis

The Situation

Maxeda is the largest non-food retailer in the Netherlands with eleven retail brands in DIY, apparel, department stores, food convenience and jewellery. Maxeda DIY Group operates more than 300 stores in the Benelux. Maxeda DIY Group is striving for synergies between the DIY brands through the implementation of a common ERP system at Praxis, Brico and Brico Plan-It.

The Solution

In 2004/2005, Maxeda DIY Group and Capgemini conducted a process and systems analysis, showing that the DIY Group systems were dated, not compatible and not future proof. Maxeda DIY Group decided to implement SAP at Praxis, Brico and Brico Plan-It. Maxeda DIY Group, Capgemini, Maxeda IT Services and SAP are partners in this three year transformation.

The Result

The implementation of SAP for Retail at Praxis so far (mid 2007) confirms the potential to improve the business processes at Praxis, Brico and Brico Plan-It. The common supplier and article database now in place clearly facilitates the projected buying synergies. When fully implemented, the SAP project will have enabled benefits in shared buying, store replenishment effectiveness, operational efficiency and improved market responsiveness.