Sustainable Data Centers

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A lasting data center approach

“ It is our vision to provide our clients with a data center that is using only what is needed and still provides superior results. To provide the power to live, together. ”Alex J. van Hout, Infrastructure architect

Data center complexity

In the coming years, global IT power consumption will surpass that of aviation. The ever increasing performance and complexity of data centers makes them bigger, hotter and more power-hungry. At the same time business wants to reduce cost and become more environmentally friendly. Finding a well-balanced solution is a true challenge.

So many solutions

Many solutions currently offered will only solve one out of many problems. Next to this they may even introduce new ones. For exmaple: Cooling can be optimized, power usage can be minimized and almost anything can be virtualized. But how will it all work together? And what about tomorrow? To run a succesful business you need to get a grip on everything. Today’s data center needs a sustainable approach to regain that grip.

The Sustainable Data Center

Combining our experience in creating data centers and our business expertise and experience in power reduction, we have developed a comprehensive approach to tailor your Sustainable Data Center (SDC). Based on your business needs the data center will use resources at an optimum. Meanwhile it will never cease to react agile to your business needs.