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Helping a technology market leader to focus on its core business and higher returns through carve out’s of non-core businesses.


Our client’s mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives through the timely introduction of meaningful technological innovation. As part of the vision, our client wants to become the leading solutions provider in the areas of healthcare, lifestyle and enabling technologies.

In order to fulfill this mission and vision our client has deployed a strategy to streamline its business portfolio to increase the profitability through re-allocation of capital towards opportunities offering more consistent and higher returns. By selling businesses that do not fit in client’s vision, capital can be generated and re-allocated to its core businesses.

In the past 5 years Capgemini has supported this client in approx. 15 projects.


The challenge was/is to run multiple divestment projects at the same time, varying from:

  • single site to multiple site
  • single country to multiple country
  • the stage of divestment (pre-deal, due diligence, disentanglement, closing, post-closing)
  • the size of the involved team (from only 5 up to 150)
  • the time consumption (from 3 months to 1,5 year)
  • the head-office location
  • “simple business” to highly interwoven business
  • the kind of support needed (only data room supervision to a full operational project office)

Furthermore the challenge was/is to keep the same high level of quality over all the projects.


“…The value of Capgemini is that they allow me, as project manager, to focus on the issues that matter. I do not have to worry about the process, since the Capgemini team, known as the Project Office, is fully capable of planning, handling and mastering the process. The Capgemini team knows the process and can handle any problems, adding value because they have access to most of the relevant information or they know who to contact for the information…” (client quote)

The team functions as a central point of contact and it feels as if they are integrated into our own organization.