The Complexity of Chain Testing - 2011

| Point of View

This book is the complete, convenient and essential reference book for testing chains.

Chain testing has established itself. It is no longer new, but also not yet a commodity by a long way. Testing experts from Capgemini set out practical guidelines to help cope with the complexity of testing chains. Testing chains of ICT services is common; testing process chains is new.

In light of emerging chains, separate systems alone functioning properly is no longer good enough - the relevant processes must be exercised together and deliver the required end-to-end result. Differential contribution of the various chain partners makes the chain into a complex entity.

End-to-end digitalization is a development that set in a number of years ago. Successful integration across organizations is now more important than ever and any fracture in the chain is increasingly costly and often publicly embarrassing.

Chains are becoming ever more complex, making testing ever more challenging. We are already way past the stage of simply testing Mash-up’s with Google MapsTM or weather info and considering this some form of chain. The Service Oriented age we now live in also requires a different approach to testing. Only a test strategy that considers the entire chain will ensure successful implementation across applications, processes or organizations.

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