Twinkle Special online payments

| Point of View

Capgemini is chief editor of the special edition about online payments of Twinkle magazine.

Online payments is one, generating all opportunities out of it, that’s two. Against the ease of online, shopping, comparing and paying, there is a world of possibilities in online payments. What does it cost? How do you prevent fraud? Which challenges brings SEPA? What will the future of e-invoicing look like? How can you safely handle incoming payments?

Capgemini provides an exclusive look behind the scenes of online stores. On December 7th, 2009 the Twinkle special on ‘online payments’ will be published. Twinkle is the biggest on and off line magazine for web stores. Capgemini is chief-editor of the ‘online payments’ special. Multiple payments experts from Capgemini have contributed to this magazine, based on their own knowledge and experience. The special offers a wide and up to date overview of the most important developments in online payments today.

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