University of Amsterdam scans a hundred direct debit mandates a minute

| Succesverhaal

The University of Amsterdam spent a lot of time scanning documents. By making more efficient use of its scanning software, it now scans them much faster.

“ We’re still really pleased we chose Capgemini. ”Stella Verbrugge,Team Leader, Student Records, UvA

The situation

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) started digitizing its student records and related files around 2000. An audit highlighted the need for digital files, which are naturally easier to retrieve. Seven years later, it was time to professionalize the system.

The solution

As well as digitizing its student files, the UvA wanted its direct debit mandates for tuition fees to be available digitally. Capgemini made fundamental changes to the existing scanning software, enabling it to be used much more efficiently.

The result

The overhaul of the Kofax scanning software has delivered substantial time savings for the UvA. It used to take a whole minute to scan a direct debit mandate into the system - and with 25,000 mandates a year the total time was very long indeed. The changes made to the scanning software mean that the UvA can now digitize and immediately file 100 mandates a minute.