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A breakthrough, accelerated approach that brings you up to full speed in rationalizing your application landscape and lifecycle.

You are managing an IT environment of overwhelming complexity and cost. Like many others, you are at the inflection point where the budget for “keeping the lights on” is far outpacing your investment in new initiatives. At the same time, your impatient  business community is asking for more flexibility, speed, and new functionality. You need a responsive, cost-effective IT function that is intimately aligned to business strategy and objectives. To achieve that, the number one priority is to regain control of the application landscape, rationalize existing systems, remove complexity,terminate redundancy, and finally create headroom for innovation. So, why does it over and over again seem so difficult to embark on a rationalization journey?

Capgemini’s unique Wide-angle Rationalization Program (WARP 1) helps you to make a quantum leap towards real results. It only takes 7 weeks to provide you with 3 simple, yet powerful deliverables. A rationalization design, a rock-solid business case, and a pragmatic transformation roadmap not only show you the best opportunities for improving your application landscape, but also enable you to act on it.