World Payments Report 2009

| Point of View

The World Payments Report 2009 by Capgemini, The Royal Bank of Scotland and Efma explores the global market for transaction services. Covering Europe, North America and Asia, the report reveals the resiliency of the payments industry in the face of the recent economic crisis.

Including the latest updates on SEPA and PSD, this year’s report explores the challenges presented by new market conditions.

With the evolution of global transaction services, banks are increasingly exploring: changing product mixes, improving instrument profitability, consolidating transaction processing to capitalize on scale, and reducing the cost of operations. The World Payments Report 2009 examines these areas, focusing on best practices from leading banks and financial institutions as well as expectations from leading corporate and public institutions.

Finally, readers will gain valuable insight into the way financial institutions are changing their organizations to respond to the latest developments in global transaction services.