Design Thinking

  • April 19, 2016
  • Papendorpseweg 100 in Utrecht
  • Capgemini Office, Congress Building

Design thinking is the essential ability to combine empathy, creativity and rationality to meet user needs and drive business success.

Design Thinking is organised by Technology Leadership Circle/AdvantageYou.

On the 19th of april the Design Thinking event will take place. During this event we will take you through the theory of Design Thinking and how Design Thinking can be applied to drive business. Design Thinking is as really a way of thinking. The word Design in it can be misleading in some way but this way of thinking can be applied to all sorts of cases which do not need to be about design.

Remko Reinders, Country lead Digital Customer Experience, will do the opening whereafter Dirk Snelders (Head of strategic design department, TU Delft), Rony Zibara (Managing director and Partner of Fahrenheit 212) will take care of the keynotes. They will tell you what design thinking is really about.

After these inspiring talks it is time to take action and join one of the breakout sessions which will be interactive and inspiring. The breakout sessions are divided in the three phases of Design Thinking namely insipiration-ideation-implementation.

Keynote by Dirk Snelders: Design: Making, Doing, Thinking Most people look to innovation as a change in technology, in how we make things. But innovation has also been defined as a change in the activities of people, in how we do things. In this talk Dirk Snelders will look at how designers integrate these two approaches to innovation, by relating technology to the activities of people. What designers create is a relation between what we can make, and what people could do.

Design is a creative process that has its own intelligence, which is called design thinking. In the talk Dirk will provide some examples of what design thinking can achieve, over and above innovations that are based on pure technological advances or direct social policies.




Walk-in sandwich dinner


Opening by Remko Reinders, Country Lead Digital Customer Experience




First round of break-out sessions:


Break with coffee, tea, and cookies


Second round of break-out sessions


Meet and greet with drinks and snacks


Break-out sessions: 19.00-19.30/20.00-20.30

1. Fahrenheit 212 and AIE 
2. AIE (Peter Paul Tonen)
3. TU Delft (Maaike Kleinsmann)
In this brief workshop Maaike Kleinsmann will provide an exercise on design thinking in innovation, based on her upcoming book on this topic. She will present four images of design thinking that will increase your understanding on how design thinking could support distinctive innovation contexts. Based on a validated card set of 48 design activities, she will also explore  with you what design activities could be used best in what types of innovation projects.
4.  Are we the new digital design agency? (Marnix Bras and Martje van der Linde)

Capgemini is one of the leading knowledge partners in digital customer experience. To brand their activities it launched the digital design agency “Backelite”. This evening is the official external launch of the dutch division of Backelite. How will Backelite make your business Sparkling?

5.  Service design in Agile transformations (Gideon Zondervan )
6.  ASE – Client Centric and agile business transformation (Dirk Jan Plender)


Get the right people, with the right content, support them with a rigorous method and process, that is the ASE. Combine this with Design Thinking and you have a very powerful tool in your hands to set yourself up to be truly disruptive, agile and client centric. The collaborative ASE way of working offers a different approach to traditional change and innovation management. Dirk Jan will talk about how the ASE is adopting Design Thinking and how this will add even more value for its customers.


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