Cécile André Leruste

Cécile André Leruste
Expert in Banking, Corporate Investment Banking

I support my clients in developing innovative business models, in particular in their corporate and investment banking activities, based on my experiences as a consultant and a former banker.

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Mijn ervaring

  • Vice President
    @ Capgemini Consulting
    In April 2014
  • Manager
    @ Management Consulting Company
    In May 2004
  • Partner
    @ Management Consulting Company
    Van September 2011 tot March 2014
  • Deputy CEO of SG Equipment Finance
    @ Banking Firm
    Van November 2008 tot August 2011
  • Managing Director - Capital management
    @ Banking Firm
    Van May 2005 tot May 2010
  • Head of development and operations - Debt capital markets
    @ Banking Firm
    Van May 2004 tot May 2005
  • Co-head of Group Strategy and Acquisitions
    @ Banking Firm
    Van May 2000 tot May 2004
  • Senior Engagement Manager
    @ Management Consulting Firm
    Van May 1993 tot May 2000

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