Melle van den Berg

Melle van den Berg
Expert in Cybersecurity, Security Awareness and Crisis Management

I am a managing consultant active in the field of public security. I have done projects centered around the fields of (cyber)security, security awareness and crisis management in the (semi) public sector.

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Mijn ervaring

  • Managing Consultant
    @ Capgemini Consulting
    In May 2008
  • Founder and editor
    @ Online media
    In September 2007
  • Accountmanager BPR
    @ Government Administration
    Van April 2010 tot September 2012
  • Artistic Director
    @ Motion Pictures and Films
    Van May 2007 tot March 2008
  • First Line, Transaction Banking
    @ Banking
    Van February 2006 tot April 2007
  • Programmer
    @ Motion Pictures and Films
    Van February 2001 tot April 2006

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