Martijn van Deel

Martijn van Deel
Expert in eCommerce, SAP hybris, Agile Scrum, DevOps

Martijn is a Solution Architect with IT experience and great analytic and communication skills. From his expertise as a Software Engineer, Service Manager and Functional Consultant Martijn understand the needs from the business. By knowing the software and it`s best-practices Martijn has the skills to advice the best suitable solution for the client and support the setup of the solution. Martijn is a true innovator on DevOps, Performance Management and Continuous Delivery. His focus on quality and customer value enables the team to improve and therefore exceed the client’s expectation

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Mijn ervaring

  • Sr. Consultant - Omnichannel & E-commerce
    @ Capgemini
    In February 2016
  • Service Manager
    @ Internet
    Van November 2011 tot January 2016
  • Scrum Master
    @ Internet
    Van October 2014 tot May 2015
  • .NET Developer
    @ Internet
    Van June 2008 tot October 2011

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