Heleen Vollers

Heleen Vollers
Expert in Open Data and Public Affairs
Lid van : Insights & Data

I lead a tailored support service for representatives of national Open Data portals in Europe, as part of the three-year European Commission's European Data Portal project. I also lead annual research to measure the level of Open Data maturity across Europe. Prior to working on the Open Data project, I advised clients from the global mining and metals industry on EU regulation and how to successfully influence the EU public decision-making process.

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Mijn ervaring

  • Senior Management Consultant | Public Insights & Data
    @ Capgemini Consulting
    In April 2016
  • Director EU Public Affairs
    @ EU Consulting Agency
    Van January 2015 tot March 2016
  • Senior EU Public Affairs Consultant
    @ EU Consulting Agency
    Van April 2013 tot December 2014
  • EU Public Affairs Consultant
    @ EU Consulting Agency
    Van December 2012 tot March 2013
  • EU Policy Advisor
    @ EU Business Association
    Van September 2012 tot November 2012
  • EU Environment Policy Analyst
    @ EU Policy Monitoring Company
    Van January 2012 tot June 2012
  • Intern
    @ Government Administration
    Van January 2011 tot July 2011